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Volunteer with us...
Volunteers are an important part of Empowerment and are valued members of our team. Without them it would not be possible to provide our high quality responsive service to meet the needs of the community.

If you're interested in volunteering, we have a wide range of roles available. We also have information to help you decide if volunteering with Empowerment is for you.
Why volunteer?
  Whether it's a one-off or something you do on a regular basis, volunteering is good all round. As well as making a positive contribution to the happiness of others, it's a great way to meet people, get the most out of your local area and to increase your own happiness and wellbeing. It also makes you more attractive to employers and enhances your CV.

There are several reasons to give your time to support our work:
  Utilise your passion and skills to develop the work that we do 
  Help improve the lives of people in your area
  Give something back to the community
  Meet new people and discover new opportunities
  Work as a team and make new friends
  Improve your skills when undertaking a variety of tasks
  Gain confidence and help improve self esteem
  Doing something different! 
Things to consider before volunteering...
What sort of volunteering would work best for you practically? We're likely to make the biggest impact if it fits with our situation, likes and skills. A good place to get started is to think about:
  How much time am I able and willing to give?
  How regularly? Twice per week, per month, every other week etc? *
  What skills am I willing to offer?
  What skills might I like to learn?
  What would I enjoy doing? Something office based, helping the people we work with or something out and about?
* To get the most out of volunteering with us we recommend that you volunteer at least two times per week.
Get involved...
We currently have the following volunteer opportunities available:
  Dementia Friendship and Support Network »
  Health and Social Care Advocacy »
  Learning Disability Friendship Club »

Get Involved – make Twiddle Pockets to help people in Blackpool with Dementia

Twiddle pockets are specifically designed to help people with Alzheimer’s, arthritis and dementia – they are considered to have excellent therapeutic value. This link provides instructions on how to make them for your loved ones, or if you can make and donate them we will make sure they get to the people who need them. Your support is much appreciated.

  How to apply?
If you feel you want to make a positive difference to people’s lives through any of our volunteer opportunities then we would be delighted to hear from you. To apply simply complete our Volunteer Application Form » and email it back to us. A member of our team will then be in touch with you.
Page last updated: July 2014